Aqua-Flora® rolls

Aqua-Flora® rolls in short

Aqua-Flora® rolls are embankment rolls, or vegetation rolls, consisting of a coconut fibre roll (3×0.3m) in which various waterside plants and marsh plants have been pre-grown. In day-to-day practice they are also called aquatic plants. Planting the coconut fibre rolls either takes place here in Heiloo, or with our partners in Germany (various locations). After having been provided with plants, the rolls are placed in the basins, where they will in any case remain for one entire growing season, in order to acquire an optimal mass of roots and rhizomes. This pre-growth period in combination with the high density of 8 plants per m2, is one of the aspects that makes our Aqua-Flora® products so unique. The carefully selected species of vegetation combined with the unmistakable advantages for the environment, truly make our Aqua-Flora® rolls unique.

The whole story

Aqua-Flora® rolls are extremely suitable for finishing banks along steep slopes, in deep lake banks or for greening up vertical watersides. Aqua-Flora® rolls are usually attached between a double row of slope protection stakes. The on-site situation naturally is decisive. In water depths amounting to over 80% of the diameter of the roll, the space below the roll grown with plants can be filled with for instance a coconut fibre roll that is not grown with plants. That way it is possible to use the Aqua-Flora® rolls as foreshore or groyne. For greening up vertical banks such as quay-walls and weir walls, Aqua-Flora® rolls can be hung in steel wire straps or steel brackets. Optionally an additional board may be included in the brackets to prevent the roll from sagging. The vegetation extracts its nutrients from the water alone and grows surprisingly fast, both above and below the waterline. The Aqua-Flora® rolls may also serve as eco-ridges in wildlife corridors, such as for instance passages below bridges or culverts.


Building with nature is not only a trend that has become increasingly popular over the past years, it is also an integral part of corporate social responsibility. We believe the future lies in building in sync with nature, rather than working against it. This belief was the basis on which our Aqua-Flora® products were created over two decades ago.

Aqua-Flora® products provide a gradual, transitional environment between land and water, which is important to aquatic and amphibian biotic communities. To waterbirds Aqua-Flora® provides a popular nesting place where they can also find building materials for their nests. To insects Aqua-Flora® products provide suitable foraging and breeding areas. The plants in the Aqua-Flora® products also contribute positively to the purification of water. They are capable of absorbing and storing nitrogen and phosphate compounds, which can be removed from the above-ground areas in the autumn by mowing and the subsequent disposal of it. The basis of coconut fibre material, from which the Aqua-Flora® products have been manufactured, provides purchase to the pre-grown aquatic and waterside plants while they develop in the banks and immediately offers protection against erosion of the bank as well. By the time the coconut fibres have decomposed, the rhizomes and the roots of the plants have taken over the function of protecting the bank (this only happens on the wind-waterline).

That is how we do our bit.

Planting schemes

We offer various standard planting schemes. We currently have a range of six schemes. In the schemes we’ve included a handy overview stating which scheme is most suitable in which situation/field of application. Naturally, we’d be more than happy to give you an advice on this point that is tailored to your needs.

All the plants that we pre-grow in our Aqua-Flora® mats are indigenous.


But what if you, or your client, want to come up with your own planting scheme, or already have? No problem at all! Anything is possible (well, nearly anything). You can always make a selection from the plants we’re already using, but for instance in the proportions you want. Please note that this may affect the delivery period! Do you have other species in mind? In that case we will examine together whether those species are suitable to be pre-grown in our rolls. Please note that in addition to a longer delivery period, additional costs may also be involved, depending on the selected plant species.


  • You would like a roll that is fully pre-grown with the white and purple plants, can this be done? Yes it can, you can select plants from the existing schemes at additional costs. Or we can examine together which white and purple plants we could also use (optionally at additional costs). Please note that you will be looking at a longer delivery period.
  • You want two different standard schemes, for instance “Bentley” and “Harvey” blended in one Aqua-Flora® roll, can this be done? Yes of course! Although it won’t involve additional costs, you will be looking at a longer delivery period.


Good news! All our Aqua-Flora® products require little maintenance. At the bottom of this page you can download our maintenance advice. If you don’t have green fingers after all, we’d be more than happy to take the maintenance off your hands. For each project we can offer a maintenance contract.