Ports of Rotterdam– Recycled Park

WHIM architecture – Recycled Island Foundation commissioned us to supply and install Aqua-Flora® mats and rolls in the ports of Rotterdam on the basis of sponsoring.

Recycled Park

Recycled Park

Recycled Island Foundation, also called Recycled Park, is the proposal to retrieve the plastic waste in the river New Meuse, just before it reaches the North Sea. The retrieved plastic is re-used/recycled to give additional value to the river. From the plastics, floating building blocks are constructed for a new green area; a floating park.

Plastic waste is a structural problem in open waters. Via rivers a substantial part of the litter ends up in our seas and oceans, where it becomes part of the worldwide pollution (plastic soup). The New Meuse is an important European river that takes the pollution along from the inland to the sea.

This way we are going to prevent plastic waste from ending up in the North Sea via the New Meuse.

The plastic is given a new value as floating capacity for green areas. Floating green areas give added value to the city of Rotterdam, but will also fulfil an ecological role in the river. The building blocks are designed such, that new life cannot only grow on top of them, but in the water new life will also be able to establish itself on their bottom sides.

Read more about this initiative at recycledpark.com

A total of 1 mat (5x1m) and 2 rolls (3×0.5m) were used here. Watch the footage below.

In 2018 we had the privilege to be part of this beautiful initiative once more. This time we were asked to supply 23 Aqua-Flora® rolls, having a specific size of 1.1×0.3m, pre-grown with a customer-specific planting scheme. In addition 12 Aqua-Flora® mats were supplied in the “Femke” planting scheme.