Aqua-Flora® plants

Aqua-Flora® plants

We also supply and place individual plants. The individual Aqua-Flora® plants can for instance be used in a helophyte filter. The function of such a filter is additional purification of waste water or run-off water. There are even plant species that are capable of breaking down heavy metals from the soil. Individual plants also combine very well with our Aqua-Flora® mats and rolls. For instance, first a row of mats or rolls followed by, upward onto the slope, individual plants. That way you broaden the nature-friendly bank.

But we’d also be happy to supply plants to embellish the watersides of your garden pond!

Business or private customers

We don’t distinguish between business and private customers. We like helping everyone, irrespective of the quantity of products they need. However, as a private customer you may want a bit more advice on which plants best to use. In that case, please contact us by telephone or send us an email.

Species and sizes

We deliberately chose not to provide a standard list of plants. After all the choice is immensely wide. The plants in our Aqua-Flora® mats and rolls as mentioned, are also available on an individual basis anyway. But apart from that, anything is possible.

The waterside plant size requested most from us is a P9 (9x9x10cm). But anything from seed, to plug plant or litre pot is possible.


Usually in the larger projects, the plant density is also important. On that point we can provide advice, as the on-site conditions are crucial.

Anti-damage construction

When placing individual plants in areas where many waterbirds are active, we always recommend placing an anti-waterbird construction. This ensures that the plants have a chance of getting rooted into the soil during the initial period. Once this period is over, the anti-waterbird construction can be removed again as the risk of the plants getting pulled out is considerably smaller. The anti-waterbird construction is a vaulted structure, consisting of a row of slope protection stakes over which a wire mesh is fashioned. The wire mesh is secured using tie wraps or clamps. As this is a standard structure it can be deviated from wherever necessary.


Unfortunately our individual plants cannot come with a guarantee. The risk of them being washed away, trampled on by waterbirds/dogs, or eaten by waterbirds etc. is too great.
That is why, whenever possible, we will always recommend placing an Aqua-Flora® mat or roll (optionally with anti-waterbird construction) as these products do come with a growth guarantee.