Public Works Rotterdam – A visit

No fewer than 5 people working at Ingenieursbureau Gemeentewerken Rotterdam [Engineering office Public Works Rotterdam] came to visit us yesterday. Most enjoyable as well as useful!

After a short introduction, because they already know us, we drove to the nursery in Heiloo to dabble our hands in the basins.

Benjamin was the one who asked whether they could come over for a guided tour. At the moment Benjamin is in the process of his graduate internship. The project he is involved in features our Aqua-Flora® mats!

Today we also had a visit from Eric, who works for the Rijnland Water Authority. Great to meet each other face-to-face! I gave Eric a tour of the nursery as well. You can tell the story, but there is nothing like seeing it, feeling it, getting the full experience!

Thanks guys, see you soon!